Workshop - Eros in Body Psychotheraphy

Workshops 2020

30 Janeiro – Quinta-feira – 18h/21h30
Workshop Extraordinário com Tom Warnecke

THE CLIENT AND I – Tom Warnecke

Relational-Somatic Approaches to Borderline Trauma and the “Disorders of Self”

Part I – Eros in Body Psychotherapy

A crucible of Awakening, Destruction and Reparation.

We need a body to think and feels with, and particularly so when powerful turbulences manifest in the therapeutic relationship and ‘rock the boat’. Expressions and manifestations of Eros and sexuality in the therapeutic relationship are challenging for therapists and clients alike and will often take therapists into profound and troubling engagement with cultural forces, personal anxieties and conceptual ambiguities. Eros and sexuality enter the therapeutic relationship in a variety of ways, for example as a sexual ‘problem’ or trauma, as attachment seeking, or in the pursuit of new psychological or psychosexual development. Whilst sexual problems or traumas may feel relatively “safe” for therapists, Eros and erotic desires will commonly require therapists to confront and negotiate powerful taboos. But can we afford to avoid Eros and ‘sterilise’ the therapeutic relationship?

Eros is increasingly understood as a progressive motivational system, a system which complements attachment driven motivations which are concerned with safety and security. Eros, as Plato already recognised, motivates us to take risk and reach out to an ‘unsafe’ other for a hoped-for good. Such progressive potential will most likely also manifest as a ‘risk’ element in the therapeutic relationship. But in Greek mythology, Eros is not only the child of ‘Aphrodite’ but also of ‘Chaos’ which gives rise to aspects of Eros that can be just as challenging as erotic desires. The so called “negative transference” and associated attacking or destructive impulses, for example when a therapist becomes co-constructed as a ‘wrong therapist’, is becoming recognised as another aspect of Eros in contemporary psychotherapy. How can we work constructively and safely within Eros’ crucible of awakening, destruction and reparation and let Eros’ powerful potential to facilitate new connections, aliveness and vitality unfold?

This workshop seminar is an introduction to the complexities of Eros based on an article published in 2018 with the same title. Participants are welcome to bring relevant case material from their clinical practice to explore and learn from.

Workshop - Eros in Body Psychotheraphy


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Tom Warnecke

Tom Warnecke

Tom Warnecke (PgDip, ECP) is a relational body psychotherapist, supervisor, researcher, writer, and artist. He first trained in Gestalt Therapy and later in Biosynthesis with David Boadella. Besides his psychotherapy and supervision practice in London, he contributes to various psychotherapy and supervision diploma courses in Europe, and developed a relational-somatic approach to Borderline trauma. His publications include a number of book chapters, journal articles, and the book ‘The Psyche in the Modern World – Psychotherapy and Society’ (Karnac 2015). He is a web-cast editor for ‘Psychotherapy Excellence’, co-editor for the international Body, Dance Movement in Psychotherapy journal, and a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) Executive Committee and Governing Board. He is a past Vice chair for the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).