Workshop - The Client and I

Workshops 2020

31 Janeiro – Sexta-feira – 16h/21h
01 Fevereiro – Sábado – 10h/19h30
02 Fevereiro – Domingo – 9h30/14h
Workshop Extraordinário com Tom Warnecke
CPSB – Lisboa

Eros in Body Psychotherapy – Tom Warnecke

A crucible of Awakening, Destruction and Reparation.

Part II – The Client and I

Relational-Somatic Approaches to Borderline Trauma and the “Disorders of Self”

We need a body to think and feels with, and particularly so when powerful turbulences manifest in the therapeutic relationship and ‘rock the boat’, a common occurance with Borderline trauma. The image of the ‘Green lion eating the sun’ is a metaphor for our consciousness becoming overwhelmed by forceful, frustrated desires or destructive impulses. At the same time, this image also symbolizes a journey that transcends such struggles and recognises their awakening or reparative potential.

Borderline trauma confronts us with challenging and bewildering phenomena. The ‘personality disorder’ construct suggests a one person-psychology pathology but Borderline trauma is most famously associated with difficult or unstable relationships and evokes images of harassed or tormented therapists. Borderline relationships appear equally challenging for clients and therapists alike. Both may feel attacked, invaded, helpless, misunderstood or unappreciated by the other. But the Borderline and Borderline-Narcissistic trauma are also particularly apparent as bodied experiences for both client and therapist. Hyperarousal and catastrophic anxieties, both cardinal features of Borderline trauma, suggest disturbances of very basic functions and indicate that an organism is in a state of somatic disorganisation. Chronic dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system, inadequate boundary formation and a lack of crucial psycho-motor skills reflect deficiencies in psycho-affective maturation and failures to develop a differentiated psyche-soma relationship. Current clinical theory can help us understand and work more effectively with psychological and somatic phenomena and disturbances commonly experienced by Borderline trauma clients and their therapists. Somatically and relationally informed clinical perspectives are illustrated by case vignettes of Borderline trauma psycho-biology and explored through an integration of theoretical discussion and exercises to explore and develop skills for therapists.

This workshop seminar is conceived for both experienced therapists and recent graduates. It will introduce conceptional frameworks, which are grounded in a synthesis of current neuro-psychobiological understanding, and provide opportunities to experientially explore this material in depth. Participants are welcome to bring relevant case material from their clinical practice – including any difficult to understand therapeutic failures – to explore and learn from.

Workshop - The Client anda I


Contará como 20 horas de Supervisão ou 20 horas de Formação Complementar dentro das 250 horas de formação contínua exigidas pela EAP para a obtenção do ECP (European Cerificate for Psychotherapy).

Certificado de Assistência.



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Tom Warnecke

Tom Warnecke

Tom Warnecke (PgDip, ECP) is a relational body psychotherapist, supervisor, researcher, writer, and artist. He first trained in Gestalt Therapy and later in Biosynthesis with David Boadella. Besides his psychotherapy and supervision practice in London, he contributes to various psychotherapy and supervision diploma courses in Europe, and developed a relational-somatic approach to Borderline trauma. His publications include a number of book chapters, journal articles, and the book ‘The Psyche in the Modern World – Psychotherapy and Society’ (Karnac 2015). He is a web-cast editor for ‘Psychotherapy Excellence’, co-editor for the international Body, Dance Movement in Psychotherapy journal, and a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) Executive Committee and Governing Board. He is a past Vice chair for the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).